9 reasons to switch to cloud computing


Don’t be left up in the air by traditional IT solutions. Check out the top 9 advantages for small businesses switching to cloud computing.

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Five Steps towards getting your Service Business ready to sell


Service Businesses are hard to value and sometimes struggle to get their price at sale time and a prospective owner can have a lot of questions before taking on a new business.

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Are you a self-employed contractor, employee, fixed-term employee, casual or part-time employee?


Do you fully understand the differences?

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Tax Invoices – everybody gets them, some of us create them, but how much do we know about them?



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Deductible Expenses and Tax – (What is and what isn’t)



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"Provisional Tax" What is it and should I be paying it…..?


Provisional Tax is all about income over and above any income you have that is taxed as normal.  It shows on your tax return as Residual Income Tax, but how does provisional tax work?

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We Are Moving


April 2013 marks the 8 Year Anniversary of Wise Advice Ltd and we're celebrating by moving to a new office, further up Manukau Rd at No. 123.

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Evolution of accounting!


I was trying to demonstrate how the accounting industry and accounting function in business has changed in past years so we came up with this illustration - the Evolution of Accounting.

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Mixed use holiday home


Do you rent out your holiday home or bach?

The new rules on mixed-use assets could affect you.

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Tax on the sale of a property?


The big question facing property owners is whether or not they need to pay tax on the sale of a property.

Income from Property is an area that can confuse property investors. We do not as yet have a...

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