Are You Ready For The Hospitality Reopening Boom?


On your marks, get, set, and GO! Hospitality businesses have been stuck in limbo for what feels like an age. But things are finally changing, and it’s time to get ready for action!

People are...

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Business Support under the Covid Protection Framework


The IRD have informed us of the following changes to the financial support for businesses as we go into the new Covid Protection Framework (The Traffic Light system), on December 3.

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The New Xero & Shopify Integration


As some of you know Xero launched their Shopify app last week in The Xero app store. This app will help you batch up all the transactions for each payout in one invoice that reconciles against the...

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How To Keep the Tap On In Your Hospitality Business


Running a hospitality business is challenging even when the economy is booming and life is “normal.” 

With narrow profit margins, the high cost of labour, and a highly competitive industry, many...

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5 Key Things To Prepare Your Ecommerce Business For The Holidays


The holiday season is approaching fast. Whispers of Christmas are already around, and before you know it, people will be hitting the stores to start their holiday shopping.

The move to online...

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Business Cycles: How To Manage The Peaks And Troughs


Every business experiences peaks and troughs. Whether they be from expected seasonal fluctuations or unexpected events like a global pandemic. 

While you can’t possibly predict everything that...

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How to start a business on a limited budget


So you have a great business idea and are convinced you can make it work, but you don’t have much capital to get your business off the ground. Juggling existing financial commitments such as a...

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How To Financially Plan For The Unexpected


Some things in life are certain… The toast will fall buttered side down when you drop it on the floor. It will automatically rain on the day you forget your umbrella.

And, that call you have been...

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What To Do When It Feels Like Your Business Is Failing


Running a business is great… until it’s not.

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A Second Round of Resurgence Support Payments (Updated on 10 Sep 2021)


A second Round of Resurgence Support Payments has been announced today, 10 September 2021

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