Eight Characteristics of successful small businesses



We now look at eight characteristics important to successful businesses. International researchers who have studied many small businesses have found that these characteristics consistently play a...

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Improving your Business with Better Time Management


When things are hectic, most small business owners wish they could find a way to get more than 24 hours into a day.

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Budget 2014 - What was in it this time?


Business Owners

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Finding Money within your Business


Most small businesses experience cash flow problems from time to time and urgently need working capital. Many business owners immediately think of the bank or loans when they’re short of money. But...

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17 ways to get repeat business


Do you feel the same as this:

"I am finding it tough. "

"Sales are slowing but I can’t figure out exactly why. "

"No-one seems to be unhappy with what we do, and no competitor has entered the...

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9 reasons to switch to cloud computing


Don’t be left up in the air by traditional IT solutions. Check out the top 9 advantages for small businesses switching to cloud computing.

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Five Steps towards getting your Service Business ready to sell


Service Businesses are hard to value and sometimes struggle to get their price at sale time and a prospective owner can have a lot of questions before taking on a new business.

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Are you a self-employed contractor, employee, fixed-term employee, casual or part-time employee?


Do you fully understand the differences?

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Tax Invoices – everybody gets them, some of us create them, but how much do we know about them?



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Deductible Expenses and Tax – (What is and what isn’t)



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