By Wise Advice Team
on February 04, 2021
If you're a business owner or if you are planning on starting a small business – are you confident about what expenses are fully deductible from your business to arrive at a net profit (or loss)?  ...
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on August 27, 2018
An entertainment expense where the benefits are enjoyed or received by employees may be subject to fringe benefit tax (FBT). There are 4 major types of business entertainment expenses: 100% ...
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on April 03, 2018
With the end of the current year here already, the best advice we could give now is to plan for your tax for 2020/2021.  Easier said than done you will probably be thinking because how will you know ...
By olivia
on November 28, 2017
  A usual First Aid Kit consists of bandages, ointments and medicine. However, these items can be helpful just to a certain point. If a serious injury occurs in the workplace, you will definitely ...
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on October 10, 2017
Increasing efficiency and minimizing costs are essential to running a profitable business. Yet many small business owners waste countless hours on meetings that lack focus, run on too long, and pull ...
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on October 09, 2017
Do you share this habit with the world’s most successful business leaders?  
By olivia
on September 05, 2017
Reasons for Entering Local Business Awards Brad Golchin is an Auckland based Accountant and self-confessed IT geek. His business Wise Advice is the only accounting firm in Auckland that has made it ...