By Wise Advice Team on January 24, 2022

Could Your Shopify Website Be Doing Better?

Are you happy with the number of sales coming through your Shopify website? Is it performing as you had hoped, or are have things fizzled a little slower than you expected?
Even if things are going well, are there things you could do to improve the site and boost sales even more?

A Shopify website is a fantastic business asset, but it works even better if you spend time reviewing its success and making adjustments.
Often, even minor tweaks and optimisations can bring more customers to your online store and drive more sales.

If you’re wondering if your Shopify website could be doing better, ask yourself these key questions.

What Are Your Conversion Rates Like?

If you aren’t clear about your conversion rates, this is the first place to start. Your conversion rates are a vital metric that tell you what percentage of the visitors to your website ultimately make a purchase.

The average conversion rate for an eCommerce shop is around 1 or 2%. While this does vary by industry, location, and other factors, experts recommend aiming for a 2% conversion rate for your Shopify website.

If you currently fall below this point, you’ll need to work on improving it. There are various ways to do this, but many of them will be covered if you address the rest of the questions in this blog.

What Are Your Conversion Rates Like

Does Your Content Connect?

People buy from businesses that they trust and relate to. That trust doesn’t happen overnight. People need to connect with your brand and see your products as the best solution for their problems.

Creating the right content for your audience plays a huge role in building this connection. Provide value to your customers with informative blogs, engaging how-to videos, helpful buying guides, and engaging behind the scenes glimpses into your brand.


Are Your Visuals On Point?

A picture paints a thousand words – so you better make sure your Shopify website visuals are on point! 

Take high-quality photos of all your products that show them off in the best possible light. 

Even better, use interactive, 360-degree photos or videos to really communicate the details of your products to your site visitors. 

90% of consumers say they find product videos helpful during the purchasing process, and 70% of advertisers say video converts faster than any other type of content. 


Is The Site Easy To Navigate?

You may know your way around your Shopify website, but is it as easy for your customers? 

Site navigation is a crucial part of the customer journey.  Modern consumers are an impatient bunch: if they can’t find the information or products they’re after quickly and painlessly, they will head elsewhere.

Make sure your menus and page structures are clear and glitch-free, and include a search bar to help people find what they’re looking for.


Is Site Speed An Issue?

Did you know that almost half of online shoppers expect websites to fully load in less than two seconds? 

Research shows that a load time delay of even one second can result in a 7% decrease in conversions.

It really is that important! Make sure all the pages of your Shopify website load quickly on mobile and desktop. There are plenty of ways to speed things up, such as compressing images, enabling browser caching and minifying JavaScript and CSS.

Is Site Speed An Issue?

Have You Nailed Your SEO?

Even if you have the most streamlined, attractive Shopify website in the world, you won’t see sales if you don’t get traffic! 

Make sure you have all the SEO (search engine optimisation) basics covered, like optimised meta fields (your page title, description, URL, slug). Have you done your keyword research to make sure Google can find you and put you in front of the right customers?


Is Your Shopify Website Optimised For Mobile?

Although conversion rates for Shopify websites tend to be lower on mobile phones, 60% of consumers begin their search for products by scrolling on their smartphones.

Make sure your Shopify store is mobile-friendly so your customers can shop from anywhere, anytime.


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