By Wise Advice Team on December 02, 2021

Are You Ready For The Hospitality Reopening Boom?

On your marks, get, set, and GO! Hospitality businesses have been stuck in limbo for what feels like an age. But things are finally changing, and it’s time to get ready for action!

People are dying to get out of the house and reconnect over a great meal or head out of their region for a change of scene. 

This is excellent news for bars, restaurants and accommodation providers, but also a tricky time. Business owners must navigate the transition from 0 to 100 while balancing the ever-present uncertainty of COVID times.

If you’re preparing your business for the upcoming hospitality reopening, we know you’ve got a lot on your plate – literally and figuratively!

Want to make sure you haven’t forgotten anything important? Read on for our list of top things to consider when reopening your hospitality business this summer.

Are You Ready For The Hospitality Reopening Boom?

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Sort Your Staffing

Things have changed since you were last open, so you’ll need to approach your staffing a little differently. Vaccine mandates may require you to hire new team members, and you must consider how to safely enforce the new rules on your premises. That might mean extra security or stationing staff at the door to ensure compliance.

On that same note, you’ll need to make sure your entire team understand the rules and regulations and feel confident in enforcing them. Consider how you will make sure they feel safe and supported in their roles and know how to deal with difficult customers.

One other thing to consider when reopening hospitality businesses is the cleaning. You’re probably facing stricter hygiene standards than before, so make sure you factor this into your staffing.

With COVID in the community, make sure you have backup staffing plans just in case some of your team fall ill or need to isolate, too.


Manage Your Menus

There have been entire changes of season since many businesses were last opened! This alone is probably reason enough to design a new summer menu. You also need to remember that suppliers and supply chains will be under enormous pressure from the hospitality reopening; prepare for shortages or delays. 

When planning your menus, make sure the ingredients you want are available in the quantities you need. Prices may have increased due to lack of availability, so you’ll need to budget for that, too. 

Remember, it’s better to have a smaller, more uncomplicated menu that you can commit to than trying to offer too much variety and disappointing your customers when you can’t supply certain items.

Build flexibility into your menu day by day and week by week, so you don’t get caught short.


Plan Your Payroll

We know budgeting is tricky at the moment during the hospitality reopening. You may be fully booked for the first week and then have things taper off, or the traffic light levels could change, keeping people away.

Although planning is challenging, it’s essential to pay your staff correctly and on time. Ensure you understand and comply with all your payroll regulations, particularly around the holidays. Using an electronic system will help minimise your workload.


Take Care Of Your Team Culture

Many hospitality businesses have struggled to find staff over the last few years due to border closures. Your employees are vital to your success, so it’s important to keep them happy and build a positive team culture.

Satisfied employees are more productive, work well together, create a positive environment for your patrons, and are loyal to the business. Think of ways to support them and build a fantastic work environment, and you won’t have to recruit new staff during your busiest time of year.


Focus On Your Finances

Okay, we know you don’t have time to do it all, but you really can’t afford to forego your financial tasks, no matter how chaotic things get. Managing your cash flow and sticking to a budget will be vital to ensure you ride the wave of the hospitality reopening instead of drowning it.

Luckily, this is one aspect of your business you don’t have to tackle alone. Find yourself an expert to help you stay on top of things, and you’ll do just fine.

At Wise Advice, we specialise in helping hospitality businesses manage their finances. We can take care of your business accounting so you can focus on the boom without going bust.

Contact us today to find out more.


Published by Wise Advice Team December 2, 2021