Email: The productivity killer


Remember when email was new and novel, and everyone thought it would vastly improve communication while freeing up time? It did improve communication on some levels and freed up employee time at...

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The ins and outs of employee performance reviews


When you run a small business, you’re involved in your company’s sales, accounting, marketing, and human resources, among other things. Being responsible for human resources isn’t just about...

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Four tips to being an amazing public speaker


When you own a business, any time you speak in public you’re representing your company. That’s a lot of pressure, especially when you consider that most people are already nervous about speaking...

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The three most important financial reports


While many small business owners prefer brainstorming new ideas to pouring over financial reports, getting a handle on financial analysis can be remarkably empowering.

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How your small business can attract top talent


Often small business owners worry unnecessarily when it’s time to hire employees. They fear because they can’t offer the same high salaries and impressive benefits of a large company, they won’t...

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Face It! It's Not Possible to Eliminate the Risk of Innovation


One of the most often cited reasons for not embracing innovation is that it is too risky. Prototyping or testing often comes with a high cost. Combined with the cost of the time spent, this can...

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D to the Power of 4 - Four Steps to Better Time Management


Time management skills are increasingly important in a world where people seem to rush headlong from one crisis to another. Add in the effect of social media and addictive computer games that can...

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Get paid first – why your salary should be your business’s first monthly expense


It’s the line item most often left out of a small company’s budget: the business owner’s salary.

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Protect Business Reputation by Planning for Big Sales


A business plan is essential for business development. But even with a solid plan there is some aspect of unpredictability. There are a multitude of variables that have to be taken into account,...

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How Accounting Software Can Increase Profits


Most small business owners who use accounting software quickly master the basics. They automate processes like invoicing and payroll, track expenses and view real time financial reports to manage...

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